OH, THAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING! A collaboration with David Palmer




ROLLOUT and David Palmer present a new wallpaper series exploring the open-ended dialogue of where value lies. These collaborative chalk board drawings portray past, current and future theories of value and the conversation that flows between them. Numbers and formulas are freely combined with pictograms representing various aspects of economic value thinking as they developed over the years. There are formulas, diagrams and strategies from various disciplines such as economics, science and sports as well as less rigorous systems like tic tac toe games, and hieroglyphic counting systems that predate our current number system.

Most of the images are repeats, but there are some stand-alone images as well. We can print these papers to fit your space and in any colour you choose. Please contact us for a quote.

Scroll down to see the entire collection. Click on images for a larger view. Pigs and Maths Maslow Avian Flu Busyness Maths Trickle Down